Posted by Madison Dusek on Jan 3, 2017 11:38:43 AM

The importance of comprehensive care

Urgent care clinics bring convenience to a busy life. However this convenience can overshadow the importance of comprehensive care and the ongoing patient-physician relationship at the cornerstone of family medicine. Family physicians focus on the whole person while serving as advocates for their patients in today’s increasingly complex health system. Urgent care clinics and the emergency room are key points of care for emergent, after-hour issues, but far too many patients use them as primary points of care.

Family practice stands out with physicians trained to diagnose a broad range of health conditions. Their practice goes beyond yearly physicals to diagnosing and managing chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. They truly treat the entire body.

Family physicians are able to treat the entire family unit regardless of age. Forming a strong relationship and scheduling regular check-ups with one physician is the key to identifying possible areas of concern before they become problems. Family medicine is the first stop to a healthier life from babies to seniors.

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Madison Dusek

Written by Madison Dusek

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